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Friday, June 11, 2010

It's always ourselves we find in the sea

Yesterday was one of those nebulous days where the sky seemed constantly on the brink of a rain storm. The coolness of it actually made it a great day for working in the yard, though it left me soaking wet from the knees down, with sneakers that squished when I walked. I'm planning on writing more about that later.

When the downpour did eventually come, I retreated to the kitchen to bake. I made this delicious banana bread from this wonderfully simple recipe. I love how banana bread makes fruit on the brink of not being edible into something somehow tastier. It's a very economical food!

We had the bread for breakfast today, topped with jam Paul got for his birthday. Paul's mom gifted it, farm-made from Gardner. Yay!

While I baked, I listened to this:

It's like the perfect soundtrack for being in the kitchen on a rainy day.

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