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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

As my childhood self gently weeps

I think as kids we all had things that made us burst into tears for no reason at all. Our worldview as preschoolers (and beyond) is so narrow, that the things we fixate on to be major personal tragedies are pretty awesomely ridiculous. My high school friend Dan told me once that his toddler self became inconsolable during an episode of Reading Rainbow because Levar Burton dropped his ice cream cone.

Well, this is my version of that:

In spite of the fact that Cookie Monster implores us multiple times to "just imagine" he was eating the moon, I immediately forgot that and assumed it was reality. I was absolutely heartbroken that Cookie monster, a character I thought I could trust, betrayed me by eating the natural wonder that it the moon. I still get a little annoyed when I see it. C'mon Cookie, that's not your moon to eat!

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