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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Inch by inch, row by row

As I mentioned before, I've been spending a lot of time out in the yard trying to make the most of our little plot of land. I blogged in the past about my notorious plant-killing skills, but much to my surprise, things are really growing beautifully. The way things are actually staying alive has made me want to make the effort all the more to assure a harvest come fall. Here's what's growing at our house:

Green Beans, a variety that grows in vinous bushes, so no bean-poles are required!

Cherry Tomatoes

This little guy is the first fruit, way ahead of all the others. What a little edible prodigy! I'll have to put up bird netting soon to protect these guys from feathered fiends.

Raspberries. Ok, so I didn't plant these, They're growing in huge bushes all through the real brambly wild part of our yard. In the spring, I was thinking that I'd eventually like to take out all those pricker bushes. But now that I know that they're raspberries, I'm not so sure!

Red Potatoes. This project was one of the things I was most excited about when I started the garden. I used this tutorial to convert an old busted-up trash can into a potato planter. Planting them this way is great because it's a lot more economical, space-wise. You don't even need to have a yard to have a potato harvest. Plus, no digging. At the end of the season, just flip the can over to collect your potates!

I also spent some time on Thursday getting our poor bedraggled roses to climb a trellis.

And today, Paul helped me start a compost pile. I'm looking forward to having nice fertile soil from it to use in the garden next year. And I'm also really excited to put our food scraps to work, instead of just throwing them away.

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  1. Fantastic! I recently found out about the potato trash can method and I am eager to attempt. I am intensely envious of your ability to pursue all of my most beloved hobbies. I wish I had a home!