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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Perils of Event Planning in the Quaboag Valley

I'm trying to put together the spring fundraiser for my non-profit. We're attempting to do an adult bake sale of sorts, with desserts and a wine tasting. I've spent the last 2 weeks looking for a venue to host it at. Of the three places I've courted so far, one is too expensive, one doesn't meet the requirements for a Charity Pouring license, and one won't return my calls. I just googled "function halls near Ware" to see if there were any other options that I hadn't considered, and this is the image I got:

That big blank area surrounding Ware is the Quaboag Valley. That "A" is the restaurant they held the fundraiser at last time. It's like a big restaurant killing bomb went off with a radius exactly the size of our service area.


  1. Welcome to my childhood/teenage years. I think nothing could sum up the area as well as that map.

  2. The CWPL! Just have it in Amherst!

  3. Yeah, wish I could! Since we're a community based org, we kind of have to have it in our service region. Bummer.