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Monday, January 18, 2010

Arrow Station Hat

I made this earflap hat for Kevin as a prize for being the first to spot the blackface. I was more than excited to do a Lost-centric project. (Spoilers)

The Arrow station is first seen in season 2 as an abandoned storage bunker. The tail section survivors hide in it after the crash of Oceanic 815. There are big letters that say "Quarantine" on the door. Inside, they find a hollowed out bible with pieces of film in it, and a glass eye.

We later learn that the Arrow was the 2nd Dharma Initiative Station, used to develop and carry out Defensive Strategies against "The Others".

(Spoilers Over)

I got the basic pattern for the earflap hat here. I didn't do this guy in the round though, I did it on straight needles and then seamed it up. Why? Because the 2-color technique that I use doesn't work well in the round.

I looked far and wide for Dharma Initiative logo charts. Other than this really cool double knit scarf I found, there was no evidence of them anywhere. Good thing there are free and awesome knitting chart generators on the Internet! I used this one. You can put in any picture you want, but I would recommend using something with a sharp outline.

I was going to wait and give this to Kevin at the Lost Premiere next month, but I decided I could not wait. It's cold out now and I wanted him to get the most of it. I gave it to him today when Paul and I helped him move into Van Meter.

Visiting Paul's old building was kind of neat. It didn't make me miss the dorm lifestyle though. I'd have a really hard time adapting to that again.

Kevin lives up on the 6th Floor, and his building is at the top of big hill. He's probably the highest up you can be on campus.

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