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Friday, April 17, 2009

Button holes for Beginners

So I finished that little knitting side project I talked about way back in my first post. Lest I look like some sort of knitting superhero, I will say that I did this project with very thick yarn and 1 cm needles, so it went faster than usual. I sure do put a lot of pictures of myself up here, hmm?
This was a really fun, easy project. It taught me a new knitting technique too - making button holes. I have basically learned everything I know about knitting by watching videos of other people knitting on youtube. Being able to watch exactly what they're doing with the yarn and needles is a huge help, and you can replay the motions until you feel confident you'll mimic it correctly. This video was hugely helpful. I'm feeling a little more confident now about taking on those stupid booties.

When I was at the craft store picking out the buttons to go in said holes, I witnessed the very public breakdown of a family's decorum. It was a mom and a dad, and they had three kids, two girls about 9 and 5, and a little boy about 3. The mom was in a neckbrace. They were trying to find a part for a sewing machine. The dad was running up and down all the aisles, looking for whatever it was, intermittenedly coming back to have a shouting argument with the mom about whatever it was they were looking for. The 3 kids were all sharing one soda, and kept fighting about not getting their turn to drink. The mom had thrown up her arms and shouted something about wanting to leave, but the dad kept insisting on running around the store, up and down every aisle for like the 3rd time looking for this part. The oldest little girl turns to her mom and says "Mom?"
"Don't even ask me." There was a silence for about 45 seconds, then the girl says,
"Can we ask for stuff?"
On the way out, they pass something that has a character on it and the oldest girl points it out to her sister.
"Why did you even show her that!" The mom exploded "Now she's going to want to GET IT!"
At this point, the little boy walks into a display rack and bonks his head, and bursts into tears. The dad is still running around the store. I think they were having the worst day ever.

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