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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boldly going forward cuz we can't find reverse

I am so so excited about the new Star Trek Movie. I just read this article about the British debut of the film. I knew that this movie was going to get my inner-nerd all hot and bothered, but It didn't really click, until seeing this article, on just how many levels it pushed my geek buttons.

1.It's Star Trek
2. John Cho from Harold and Kumar plays Sulu
3. J.J Abrams of Lost directs
4. Simon Pegg, of Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, plays Scotty.
5. Karl Urban, who played Eomer in Lord of the Rings is Bones

If only I watched Heroes, I'm sure I'd be all pumped about Sylar playing Spock too. It would hit some sort of critical nerd-out velocity at that point I'm sure.

Once I go see it, I shall return to the blogosphere (which I imagine to be like the holo-deck) and write some sort of review.

Maybe I'll dress up for the premeire. I'm got some rubber pointy ears that I bought for Paul's infamous werewolf halloween costume I can wear and be all vulcan like. I'll have to take them off once the movie starts cuz I think they make it kind of hard to hear.

Or maybe I'll wear a little something like this!
This is a "Male Duty Skant" from Star Wars TNG. In the first season of the show, the men were very into this mini skirt tunic thing. Doesn't that actor just look thrilled to be wearing it?
If you sew, here's a pattern.
Make it for your man for the premeire. He'll love it!

Or maybe I'll just opt for the creepies
t thing possible and get this rubber Captain Picard mask. Ugh. Nightmares? This guy is made of them!

What's that you say? Next Generation not really your cup of tea? That's cool. After all, this movie is based on the original star trek series...don't worry! There are plenty of terrible rubber masks to go around for everybody. How would you like to go as Spock? The hair and eyebrows are made of real synthetic hair!

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