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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Localvore in training

Last month was strawberry season, and the local strawberries from around us were so unbelievably good. It has very much made me realize that some foods are not worth eating unless they are fresh and in season. I feel the same way about Corn. There's plenty of ears down at the Big Y, but I've been completely abstaining until I can get a fresh ear from a nearby farm. It really does make a difference in quality and taste.

Since we're so lucky to live in area that actually does grow a ton of food, I'm feeling more dedicated to the the notion of using what we're lucky enough to have at arms length. With that in mind I've printed out this handy chart and pinned it up in my cube at work.

While I have enthusiasm for this now....I am concerned that I may waver when it's winter and there's nothing around to munch but roots. We shall see!

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