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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Begat Begat Begat

This is not a chicken and egg situation: The British Office came first, and inspired our American favorite. The stateside version has had great success, and the lives of characters have been far more heartily developed (given that our version has been on for 7 seasons, and the original only got 3.) Indeed, The Office is a show that has demonstrated that a remake can be more developed and popular than the original.

But dear reader, we're not the only country that is building television icons out of Ricky Gervais' creation. Did you know that Afghanistan has their own version of the Office? WELP - They do!

It's called "The Ministry!"

Man, the "jim/tim" character is kind of groveling and lame....but I doubt there was much room for a love story to make him cooler. Also, I like black the humor is in this version, the commentary on politics and terrorism - it's a weird window into another reality!

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