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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Flipp(er)in' Out!

So, last night I was watching "Flipper" (1964). It was a show that I remember watching a fair bit of as a kid. I think I enjoyed it because I thought a dolphin would make a cool pet, and the hero-family's life at sea seemed really fun and fancy-free.

What I didn't remember about the show was how surprisingly boring it was for a show that was all about adventure. In theory, the things that were acted out were action-packed: helicopters rushing to the rescue, flipper fighting a shark, etc. But because they chose to use virtually no music (at least in the episode I saw), all the action just seemed drawn out and flat. I think maybe this is just a by-product of my over stimulated 21st century mind. But it is also a fact that shows/movies from the 50's and 60's spent entirely too much time focusing on trivial parts of the story, like vehicles getting from point A to point B without a time lapse.

What really surprised me about this particular episode of the show was seeing Lucille Bluth featured as the young, foxy love interest. Jessica Walter used to be pretty hot....

Keep an eye out for loose seals, Gangy.

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