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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mm, Mm Good

Paul and I used our labor-less Labor Day to go check out Mikes Maze in Sunderland. This years cornfield was cut into a maze inspired by Andy Warhol.

It was really neat too, the whole thing was art themed. There were trivia questions about masterpieces spread around the field. There were also all these rubber stamp stations you had to find, which you could use to make 4-color prints of famous paintings. It was really cool.

Since there was only one point to enter and exit from in the maze, it made the whole adventure more akin to orienteering. Finding all the stamping stations was the goal, instead of finding the way out. It was a really awesome time. The farm also had a camera obscura, a petting zoo, and fresh veggies for sale. AWESOME!

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