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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Heart Music

This is my new favorite song right now. It reminds me that fall is basically here and the so called "dog days of summer" are gone. Plus the video is the pinnacle of amazingness!

Florence and the Machine is awesome. My favorite tidbit from her (Florence Welch) wikipedia page is this:

"The debut single for the album was "Kiss with a Fist" and featured on the soundtrack for the film Wild Child , Jennifer's Body[25] and in the "Looks Like a Lesbian Attack to Me" episode of the television series of "Saving Grace." "


Incidentally, my co-worker in the Brown Bag program is named Florence. She's pushing 80, and I will be driving her with me to many of the distribution sites. She loves sweets. On the way to the drop site on friday, we stopped for donuts. On the way back we stopped for ice cream. Florence's favorite flavor is orange pineapple. She hasn't had black raspberry since she was a little girl. PS: She's diabetic, so she always goes for the plain cone.

Almost every time we've hung out together, she's told me about her favorite place to go when we go on distributions. There's a little creamery near Cummington where we'll stop and get scones.

"One time," Florence told me, "I had the scone and I was still hungry, so I went to the senior center cafeteria and had the most delicious breakfast sandwich. They'll make your eggs any way you want. They used to give out free homefries...but they don't do that anymore."

She looked pretty sad about that.


  1. Florence sounds like my kind of woman. I've been craving a donut for like, three days.

  2. I am so into Florence and the Machine. and now I want a scone and free homefries!