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Monday, September 27, 2010

Aragog and Nagini

I spent last Saturday apple picking at Brookfield Orchard with Paul and two of my blogging buddies. It was really awesome! The orchard had all sorts of delicious apple treats and maple goodies, plus a neat antique section. I got an apple corer, a new hour glass for our boggle game, and about 10 pounds of apples. I'm going to have to start baking soon methinks.

There was also some really cool craft vendors. One was selling jewelry for crazy cheap. I got a necklace and earrings for $10!

As you may or may not know, I recently started re-reading the whole Harry Potter series. It's been really cool, I kind of forgot how fun and compelling these books are. It's also been nice to read them with a little more focus and care, as I usually tore through them all in one sitting, the night after buying them. There were lots of neat details that I had overlooked. I'm about 5/6 of the way through "Order of the Phoenix" and I'm enjoying it a lot.

I've also been seeing Harry Potter everywhere, including in the jewelry I bought at the Orchard. The earrings remind me of a spider's web, or perhaps an Acromantula's?

And I'd totally wear this every day if the Sorting Hat put me in Slytherin. I'd also be a big old Voldemort lovin' jerk.

I think I'd like to do a post when I finish reading them all about what I hope for from the last movie. From the look of things, I'll be finishing reading them all just in time for the premiere. Cool.

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