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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Paul and I went and saw "Inception" earlier this week. I really enjoyed it! It was a really interesting, original concept with great visuals and lots of action. I liked that they left a lot of things deliberately vague, I find that often the less exposition about the world a sci-fi story has, the better. I kind of enjoy speculating about the things that are left ambiguous. The cast was solid too. I was especially impressed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, AKA the little kid from "3rd Rock from the Sun"

He was very believable as Arthur, the upright, serious (and possibly ex-military?) extractor. It's too bad his character wasn't developed more. PS: When did this guy get so handsome?

In googling him, I found this music video with him and Zooey Deschanel dancing.

It's kind of like this....

...But somehow more endearing. At least it doesn't make me think "Quit showing off, Pete Campbell! Ugh! Who choreographs a dance for a dinner party?"

Mad Men starts its 4th season on Sunday, and I didn't manage to catch up. Oops!

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