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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Today is Groundhog day. I can always remember what day groundhog day is on because of the 1979 Rankin Bass TV Special "Jack Frost." Which is a pretty ok movie, I guess.

Specifically the song that starts at 6:30. I would actually recommend skipping right to that. After all, the movie is just pretty ok.

Plot: Jack Frost turns human, then turns back to a spirit, saves the day. The end. OOPS SORRY I FORGOT A SPOILER ALERT!

After this creepily mild winter, I wouldn't be surprised if the groundhog gave us spring today. The most popular 'hog, Punxsutawney Phil, predicted it would be early spring last year, and we all remember how that turned out though.The snow didn't melt till April!

His record is a lot more varied than I realized. There's a nice chart going back the 1800's on the wiki. As a kid it always seemed like we were getting 6 more weeks of winter- but there was a fair amount of hopeful spring in there too.

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