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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Over the weekend, Paul and I were up in Wells, enjoying 3 beautiful days at the beach. It was so relaxing and awesome- like a little mini-vacation.

While we were up there, I saw two people doing this:

An activity I have never seen before! I wanted to shout out "what do you call this thing you are doing?"

Well, thanks to the internet, I can shout it after the fact and get an answer. Although typing it into google is probably more effective than yelling.

It's called "stand up paddle boarding" - or 'SUP (so appropriate for surfers, amirite?).

Looking at people doing this, I thought, it doesn't look like the more comfortable/stable way to get around. Having excellent balance seems like a prerequisite to success.

However, this video proves that it is a more speedy way to get from point A to point B than I would have guessed:

The video is slighty too long, so I'll give you a hint - sup bro won. Though I can't help but think that if the kayak hadn't veered off crazily at 1:20 he would have had a better chance.

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