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Sunday, August 21, 2011


There's nothing like a little mini vacation to rejuvenate! Paul and I were lucky enough to get to spend a gorgeous day in Boston yesterday, and stay over last night at a company expensed hotel. We were in town because Paul was doing a photo shoot for an article CODE magazine was doing on his work. It was a good taste of what his new modeling career will entail, glamorous wardrobe changes (they had him model in a $1000 coat!) and hotel living. (Pics to come!)

While we were in town, we decided to spend a few hours at the New England Aquarium. It was a lot of fun! It did make me discover my newest first world problem pet peeve. People were taking way - way- way too many pictures. I know that now that everybody (except me) has an android, it's really easy to take some photos. But do you really need to seize the opportunity and take pictures of every single thing you see?

Really, when you look back on your vacation pictures, are you going to be all that excited to show your friends the 100 pictures of fish you took? Especially given that there are probably pictures of these fish that exist already, many probably better quality than yours, that you can access any time?

It also seems totally impossible to actually be appreciating and enjoying the exhibits when your primary concern is flashing pictures of every single fish in the aquarium. Give it a rest!


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