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Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Very Own Bad Oyster

This was my big project for January. A "Bad Oyster" scarf; design courtesy of the amazing Alex Tinsley, who writes one of my favorite inspirational crafty blogs, Dull Roar.

Why is it called a Bad Oyster? Because it doesn't have any purls (insert obligatory groan here.)!

This project introduced me to two new knitting skills: Steeking and Blocking. Both were easier than I expected them to be. Steeking is when you don't cast off a section of your knit-in-the-round project, leaving the stitches open. Then, you cut open said unfinished section. This has the duel effect of making this piece lie flat, and creating some very fashionable fringe around the edges.

Blocking is a process you do at the end of the project to work out any imperfections and prevent it from curling. The basic idea is to soak the piece, then pin it down flat. It will supposedly adhere to the shape you make it when it dries. I'm thinking I need to redo this, because my edges are still rollin'. D'oh!


But yeah, this is an awesome light-weight and trendy scarf. It's a pretty easy project too, but very time consuming.

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