Point Me

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More like Tom Crook...amirite?

For some reason, 2011 has ushered in an era of playing 10-year-old GameCube games at our house. Our most obsessively played diskette? Animal Crossing!

Every day when we come home from work, Paul and I take turns diligently working towards paying off our house by finding dinosaur bones, fishing, and doing chores for our neighbors.

Games like this are so weird, because they're predicated on you laboring more than you would at your real life job. But it's strangely, strongly addictive.

The most fun part of the game is buying/earning items to decorate your house. I'm trying to collect all the items in the Cabin Series, which will make my house look roughly like the interior of "The Great Northern" from Twin Peaks.



  1. Scott Pilgrim was quite good--cera fit the role to a T. Saw the movie, didn't read the books! (Go figure...)