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Friday, April 2, 2010

He was Joe, I was Mac

A few nights ago, Paul and I played the entirety of and beat "Joe and Mac - Caveman Ninja," an SNES game from 1991. The game is all about being Cavemen, fighting other cavemen and killing dinosaurs. I think that calling the main characters "ninjas" is a slight overstatement, but it does make them seem a little cooler.
At the end of every level, a super-hot cave-lady comes out and gives you kisses. There are also bonus levels where you jump around and eat lots of various meats. The weird part is, in the regular levels, when you kill another caveman, they turn into meat as well...So Joe and Mac are basically cannibals. Yikes.

The boss level where you fight the mammoth is even weirder. You win by ripping off the elephant's trunk. It's terrible!

Paul used his awesome computer wizardry to make it so we hard unlimited lives. It was definitely much more fun that way. I can't imagine having the patience to play through the whole game in earnest. It would take forever and be obnoxious. The levels themselves are pretty short, but littered with a ton of temperamental obstacles. And the boss levels are crazy long.

I enjoyed playing it though. Maybe I'll try "Joe and Mac 2 - Lost in the Tropics" next. That one has a role-playing part to it, where you marry your super-hot cave-lady and buy furniture for your house with your points.

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