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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Can you believe it?

Holy wow, it's December! 2009 is almost over!

I'm finding myself more excited about the holidays this year than I have been in the recent past. The last few years, I've sort of let December creep over me, until Christmas is only a few days away and I panic about forcing myself to feel the "spirit". Maybe it's the fact that all the neighbors around us have put up x-mas displays already. The people behind us seem to go all out for every holiday, and even use theatrical lighting to showcase the decorations they put around the front door. On Halloween they had two spooky mannequins guarding a cauldron. For Wintertime, they've opted for classy swathes of evergreen on the door, framing an acoustic guitar with a red velvet ribbon around the neck. The people across the street to the front seem to herald every season with a dog flag. That is, a flag with a photograph of a dog on it. A Chihuahua puppy in a santa suit unfurled a few days ago.

Paul and I haven't put up any decorations yet, but I'm hoping we can get the tree over the weekend. I did however get to help deck the halls at the office. This included wrapping all the banisters in tinsley garlands and plugging in the fiberoptic christmas tree. I also got to show off my snowflake making skills at yet another work place. All the sort of passive preparation is making it feel like Christmas sooner I guess.

I'm excited though, for blogging video this month as Christmas time is theme of the majority of my childhood classics. I'll start off with this one, which was on a compilation disney VHS called "a disney christmas gift". I vaguely remember that it was mailed to us by our caring corporate buddies, free and unexpected one december. Each cartoon is holiday or winter themed, and segwayed by clips of people celebrating Christmas at Disney Land, or shots of old fashioned wind-up plutos and mickeys zipping around under a christmas tree.

"Once Upon a Wintertime" (1948) isn't about the X-mas, just December, and hopefully it will help all of us in denial about the coming snows face reality.

When I was a kid and went ice skating, I always tried to make hearts like the girl does @ 2:50, but it never really worked.

I also knew, even when I was little, that the girl rabbit and the lady were being total bitches.

My favorite part though, is that the animals are the heroes. That and the awesome narrative 40's style music.

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  1. it was all about making little hearts or figure 8s in the ice. Not just any old figure 8 either, but totally perfect ones!

    yay for christmas!