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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spooky time!

Happy Halloween everybody!

To celebrate, check out this totally ridiculous clip of Tyra Banks interviewing a vampire. Tyra acts like she's expecting a scary sexy Twilight character to come out, but is instead greeted by Don Henry "The Vampire Emperor". Instead of a sexy trendy bloodsucker, we are treated to the musings of an awkard slash nerdy intellictual-type with monastic tendencies, who takes his vampiring very VERY seriously. Tyra clearly doesn't get him at all. My favortie line of the whole interview is at 3:40, when Tyra throws out the kind of back handed insult- "But you're not wearing any makeup or anything! You've just got like, a face like a vampire!"

Click through to Part 2 if you want to see Don do feats of strength, and complain about his aching vampire boneses.

Sorry I couldn't embed. I think clicking the link is totes worth it! It's Tyra at her Tyra-ist.

Tyra and a vampire

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