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Friday, October 23, 2009

A list for the New House

Top 10 Things Left Behind by the Previous Owners
I couldn't rightly make this a "best" or "worst" list, as some things are wildly on either end of the spectrum

1. A Family Portrait. My mom-in-law found a really awkward family photo in the spare bedroom closet.

2. Terrible Lawn Ornaments. A miniature wheelbarrow and a statue of a fairy. Just what I always wanted!

3. A box full of losing lottery tickets, meticulously stacked and ordered by date. This was an attic find.

4. Indications of a troubled youth. We found a packet of papers about the rules at "Pegasus House", which appears to be some sort of teen reform program. Underneath it, said teen's class notebook, in which every single doodle is drug related. He was learning about "The Crucible".

5. A carafe of some mysterious blue liquid, one cigarette floating within.

6. A measuring tape for determining the weight of a live cow. "Do not stretch the tape! Do not get the tape wet!". You measure across the chest. I would be a 168 pound calf, and Paul would tip the scales at 160. Hooray for animal husbandry!

7. A level of dirt and grime that strongly indicates that these people did not ever clean their house in the 15 years they resided there. Accessories to this are cockroaches and the dead mouse behind the fridge.

8. A Beautiful metal candy box from the 1940's, filled with screws and hinges.

9. A cardboard cut-out of two children feeding a lamb cupcakes.

10. This mighty fine collection of 6 steins! I'm actually really really thrilled that these were forgotten, carefully wrapped up in a box in one of the 3 sheds. Treasures!

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