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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Creepiness in Advertising

Ok- Long overdue update.

But I felt this warranted sharing. Currently, I am convalescing from a very excellent bachelorette party. Paul is out this evening at the boy version. Since I recently busted my laptop, and blogging is nearly impossible on a tablet (this is basically also exhibit A in the case of why I haven't blogged all year), I am using Paul's computer.

I was also using earlier, to watch some videos on Youtube. As I was watching a few, I noticed a persistent pop up ad that kept coming back on each video I watched. It said "Is he cheating?" and proceeded to inform me of the personal background check service I could use to see if my husband was fixin' to cheat.

It occurred to me that creepy ass google ads probably noticed that I was going to websites this computer doesn't usually go to (AKA Disney Confessions Tumblr and Kimbra Music Videos). Could I be spying on my husband to see if he had those salacious secret website profiles the advertisement portends?

And this was no ordinary pop up either- I just noticed they're now doing this thing where the ad is more ghost like, more transparent, harder to notice right away.

Just the solid letters appear very visibly, in the corner of you vision, planting the seed. Is he cheating?

The future is crazy/creatively manipulative.

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