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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Late Arrival

1. Happy New Year! Ok, I'm a little behind...but I'm ready to commence a new year of blogtastic blogasms. In 2011 I wrote 178 posts- about one every other day. That's pretty good! I hope that I will endeavor to be as prolific in the new year. I've decided that my New Years resolution is to create more in the coming year, so there will be ample opportunity to post on the fruits of my crafty labor (I hope!). Thanks for your continued readership!

2. Here's another late arrival- This was intended as a stocking stuffer for Paul, but it turns out that it takes a really long time to ship things from Singapore.

It's a keychain featuring his favorite Bleach character: Urahara Kisuke AKA Hat and Clogs. The small girl with a big gun, Ururu is there too. Neat-O. Purchased Here!

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