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Friday, December 23, 2011


I know that it's not very festive of me to be talking so much about politics so close to the yuletide. My apologies. I AINT GONNA STOP NOW THOUGH!

I'm sure most of you have heard about the dangerous "Stop Online Piracy Act:" A proposal that would mandate that internet service providers protect us from ourselves on the internet. I'm absolutely uncomfortable with the idea that major media conglomerates, who control so much of what we see and hear already, would have the power to censor the internet, carte blanche.

If you're unfamiliar with what's at stake, perhaps a little rap will help clear things up. I'm in love with this anti-SOPA song by Dan Bull.


I think what has upset me the most about this is the lack of care politicians have taken to actually consider this seriously. Refusing to hear from opposing experts, not paying attention during the hearing and then bragging about it (as if his constituents think this is cute??), and blatantly admitting they have no fucking clue what they're attempting to make a law: This is not democracy. It's amazing how blatant it is that the lawmakers are in the pockets of the MPAA and big pharma- "people" who have enough money to buy the power to censor us all. It's disgusting.

The hearings on this bill have been pushed to the new year, presumably with the hope that we'll forget about it over the holidays. UNLIKELY!

You can sign a petition urging Obama to veto this bill here. Use this tool to find out who your congressman is here and call them up (Calling is said to be 5 times more effective than e-mailing!) Don't open the door to censorship.If SOPA was passed, I could absolutely be sued for the stuff I posted on this blog.

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