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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guess who's back? Tell a Friend.

We made it back safely! Hooray! It was an awesome awesome two weeks that I will think fondly about forever. Paul and I did and saw so many cool things. I'm posting all of our pictures on facebook, but I definately plan to use my blog space to talk some about what happened. Perhaps less of a play-by-play than my posts about the mid-atlantic disaster of 2010, but more of a series of posts talking about what we saw and noticed abroad. SO THAT'S COMIN'!

As a little taste, I figured I'd start with something light. European Fashion Watch!

Everybody knows that all the hot trends of the season come from fancy pants Europe and their ability to dress nicely. I cannot tell a lie - almost everybody over there was dressed very hip, pretty much all the time. There was one big trend for ladies that I saw on women across all ages and body types:

MC Hammer/ Harem Pants!

As universally as they have been embraced by the ladies of the old world, I have to say that they were pretty much also universally not flattering at all. I am sad that this is coming across the atlantic soon......Like a horrible fashion shark of doom!

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